"Manifesting" Skinny Tumbler

"Manifesting" Skinny Tumbler


This "Manifesting" tumbler is the perfect gift or personal purchase. Not only because of the great quality of the tumbler, but because it is a reminder to hold the faith. When filling this tumbler, fill it with the thought that you can work towards and become the best person you canbe!!! It's literallly all in your hands! What are you going to do with it????



20 oz stainless steel  

double vacuum insulated : keeps your drink perfect HOT or COLD for an extended time.

splash proof: The lid is sealable to prevent spills.

skinny grip: The skinny tumber is easy to hold or carry.


Included: Stainless Steel Straw or Plastic Straw






Email: contact@sosavish.com

Greenville, SC

We've been waiting for you sis.
Together we gone accomplish some thangs
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