You Betta Call Tyrone....

Welcome Back #Savishbabii,

Whooh! It's been a week full of emotions for yours truly. Girl just a quick run down I broke up with my lil boo not too long ago(Don't feel bad for me). I also laid my sweet poppa down to rest(Don't feel bad for this one either, he lived a full loving life). With that being said over the last couple of weeks I have been mad, sad, hangry and all of the above. But being freshly single single I've also had some time to think and one song has been stuck in my head. That song is Tyrone by Erykah Badu. Why? Because it has reflected my bounce back game as a #SavishBabii

It reflects that no matter how used and abused we feel, there is always room to get back on track to get right. That is easily expressed starting with the beginning of the song where Erykah Badu is clearly already fed up with this no good of  a man but uses her sensual tone to beg for "the mystery mans" attention." I just want it to beee you and meee, like it used to beee"(in my Erykah Badu voice).

The man definitely is the guy that I typically go for not even knowing. He will do everything perfectly in the beginning and make it seem like he's everything you've wanted. Then, when he reels you he shows his true colors when we are too deep in. #SavishBabii's, Steve Harvey made a very valid point on one of his shows expressing that we don't need to be specific with what we want from a prospect early on so we don't give too much too soon. See, this ladies is where we get it wrong. We tell a guy we want the morning text and the little flowers for example, and we get all that the first two weeks THEN BOOM. It all stops and we don't even know who we are really dating. We have to be vague, let the man work for your love. Tell him you like chivalry, respect, and support to see how long he can keep up that act. 

 Don't let that person get too comfortable using you and abusing you, and if they haven't change for the better for you already they never will REALIZE THAT. Girl, we don't need to be the ATM, a free uber for him and his home boys, and don't need to be begging for nobodies time. When somebody shows you who they are believe them to save you a heartbreak and some valuable time. 

Now, back to when Erykah Badu makes a shift for the better which I know had her feeling good. I personally don't know what Badu was going through, but I know she had enough by the end. In the song, toward the middle to end you hear a certain fierceness in her voice, proving that she was taking back authority. This is what we all have the opportunity to accomplish. No matter how far in you are babygirl, you have a right to stand up for yourself and to be confident in your stance. Don't shake and you won't fall. Let's stop letting these men take advantage of whats ours, we give too many chances and don't get enough in return. Now I'm not saying that no one deserves second chances because I do believe in them myself, just make sure to be like Erykah and make him call Tyrone!

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