The Tiara L Mccoy Collective

My name is Tiara McCoy,

Below is a collective of poems. I talk about sh**t that goes down in my life through writing. I write about my experiences in my love life and about the different people I’ve been with in my dating life. I’m twenty-two years old and I started writing three years ago. Instagram is my first public platform that I’ve used to post my writing. I opened my Instagram account in April of this year. At first, I started writing because my professor for a writing class assigned a daily journal as part of our grade book. So I began to write in this notebook about this boy I was dealing with and beginning to fall for. Eventually I would edit and revise these different thoughts into poetry pieces. I love grabbing people’s attention through a good story and I like creating poetry out of my different thoughts. I write out of emotion, usually fueled by the way I’m feeling about about a significant other or just expressing my thoughts. HERE WE GO. ENJOY.


His actions and his responses are on him, not you

It is a direct reflection of who he is

so when he says something so belittling, it does not mean that you are small

and his anger is not your fault.

What he points out about you, “your flaws,” that is his projection onto you. 

When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

With time, I decided that he does not have the power to tell me who I am

because a person who holds prejudice against you, you must immediately discard their opinion. 

I don’t give any power back to him by accepting his narration of me

He can be observant, and he loves to pick at me to see me shrivel. 

I realized too late that he does not turn into an asshole only when he drinks, or when he is upset- but that this side of him is who he truly is. 

His favorite turn-on while we were together was the fear that he elicited onto me. 

Girl, from of us to another, get out of that relationship. Because that is not love. And you do not need him. You do not have to stay. You may not see this now, but you can leave him. There is so much more life outside of his dark and his doom.


When from the jump he doesn’t want to respect you, well girl, he is not the one. Don’t associate yourself with him because I can already foreshadow the vile that a dude like this will integrate into your life. Don’t make him a part of your everyday because it is simple- he is not a good man. Advice to my sisters who partner with unhealthy relationships- yes, women intuition is real, and yes I understand that sometimes out of fear we choose what we don’t really want. The first time a man put his hands on me, was my wakeup call that I needed to get up and get out. Girl, realize that what is good character and good sense to everyone else, well he has decided does not apply to him.  No, his scary behavior is not justified. And yes, convincing yourself otherwise is dangerous rationalizing. This side of him, is who he really is. He does not know what you know, he is not important, nor worthy, therefore his opinion does not calculate all that you are. 

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