The Tiara L Mccoy Collective

My name is Tiara McCoy,

Below is a collective of poems. I talk about sh**t that goes down in my life through writing. I write about my experiences in my love life and about the different people I’ve been with in my dating life. I’m twenty-two years old and I started writing three years ago. Instagram is my first public platform that I’ve used to post my writing. I opened my Instagram account in April of this year. At first, I started writing because my professor for a writing class assigned a daily journal as part of our grade book. So I began to write in this notebook about this boy I was dealing with and beginning to fall for. Eventually I would edit and revise these different thoughts into poetry pieces. I love grabbing people’s attention through a good story and I like creating poetry out of my different thoughts. I write out of emotion, usually fueled by the way I’m feeling about about a significant other or just expressing my thoughts. HERE WE GO. ENJOY.


His actions and his responses are on him, not you

It is a direct reflection of who he is

so when he says something so belittling, it does not mean that you are small