Road to Recory- Self Healing

The road to recovery is pretty self-explanatory but like most things, it is a road that is easier said than done. That tunnel vision to “Our True Selves” that everyone says they have in 2020 is far more complicated than we think. This tunnel has bumps, ditches, and distractions waiting for us to crash into them. COVID-19 FOR EXAMPLE!

Where are you after you get steered off course? You find yourself stuck in a position to make a difficult choice. You either continue persevering or find yourself making a home in the deepest part of a ditch. It’s so easy to get comfortable in that dark space, but you know what they say. It’s not about the situation you are in or how you get there but the steps you are willing to take to pull yourself out. It’s not an easy task to complete and will take time but I promise you are all the worth betting on, and trust that you are not doing this by yourself.

My road to recovery began in 2018 when God gave me a choice, but there's this one particular thing about God. He always gives us choices to make and gives us some autonomy to make them, he always gives us the option to trust the world or to trust him. I was on my last leg in one of my worst relationships physically and mentally and God said to me, “I will let you die here in this or I can give you the purpose and passion in your life that you deserve. Alexis you have got to go home”. That moment was the beginning of my road to recovery, and in 2020, I’m still traveling down this long road all the way to the finish line.

There are many lonely nights but there have been many victories along the way, like my business of course. Plenty of knowledge has been gained along the way and love has been conquered, but it takes work. Join our community and steer on course. Achieve the highest level of you there is. You are not alone. Together we can do this. Attached is a video from our Youtube on the road to recovery. Love you, TUNE IN!

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