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I have tons of content waiting to be written down and thought out, but this word hit me different tonight. Where are you in mind, body, and spirit? What position are you taking? I ask that because sometimes we as people step into things before we are ready to deal with them, as as you know, once you are in it the only way to get out of it is to go through it. But what if we could avoid going through it by learning and knowing ourselves. We get so caught up in trying to say this and that is happening to us, but baby sometimes we have done it to ourselves.spirit? What position are you taking? We get so caught up in trying to say this and that is happening to us, but baby sometimes we have done it to ourselves.

This particular blog is going to be about how to deal with ourselves when dealing with relationships, and I mean any kind of relationship too. Whether its boyfriend-girlfriend, friendships, or even family. From personal experience, I gained my revolution from a bad relationship(of course).

(OK and before we go on…

1-if you are new and this is your first time here welcome.

2-I’m part human part crazy and my thoughts are everywhere so excuse the jumpiness in my blog

3-I write like I’m talking to you face to face lol

4-God has a very funny way of doing things, and for me, I’m very stubborn but I have a soft spot for love so what does he do? He has shown me very important life lessons through the form of relationship. I reference them a lot. Don’t get sick of me lol.

5- Here we go, buckle up and get ready to ride.)

I think before we encounter any kind of relationship or situation there needs to be a certain position we take in acquiring it. As I have officially just ended an ongoing toxic relationship, I have had the time to analyze where I went wrong the most. I realized where I was when I met my ex-boyfriend and I wasn’t in the best place. When I met him, he wasn’t a rebound I

promise, but I wasn’t completely over “the worst-best relationship of my life”. Sounds crazy because you think after someone abuses you for two years there’s no question but to be over them instantly, but unfortunately, my heart doesn’t work like that. I always like to say it doesn’t take a day for me to fall in love with someone, and it doesn’t take a day for me to fall out of love either.

When I met my recent ex, I was still broken in all kinds of places and instead of dealing with those emotions and myself, I put on the front like I was good. I faked the posture and confidence in my newly independent position. That’s where I messed up guys. I allowed lustfulness and lack of love for myself to put me in a posture to repeat toxic cycles and end up back in the same position I just left. I have no one to blame but myself though. I positioned myself the same. How you might ask? When I left the worst-best relationship of my life….

-I barely took time for myself after the initial breakup.

-I was still super broken.

-I thought to replace the D, would help me get over the D.I hadn’t looked at myself in the mirror.I faked confidence.

-I consumed myself in a new relationship.

-I ignored the red flags.I kept taking him back.

-I waited for something really bad that I didn’t deserve to happen to me before walking away.

-I wasn’t taking my advice.

See, now don’t get me wrong this needed to happen to me for me to even be writing this blog. But as I think to myself if I would have just taken time to ask myself where am I mentally? Where am I physically? And where am I spiritually? Then, could I have realized that I was not positioned to receive the relationship that I needed and deserved. Instead, I positioned myself to receive a broken person. Someone just like me at the time. (ooh that’s deep I know). But seriously, now that we know better, we can do better. I don’t know about you, but I’ll do everything in my power now to not ever see my past repeat itself. I have devoted myself to take time to position myself not just for a man but to be so healthy and loved by myself, so I can receive just that.

We treat people how we think of ourselves so why not maximize that beauty, love, and energy. I believe we got this. SSppphhh…just a little secret. As I get to prepare for this newly independent season I have devoted to a new commitment. CELIBACY! Next blog maybe? Who knows, I’ll see you there!

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