LiViNg SiNgLe

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

The simple things in life are literally the things that are not complicated. For me, getting back to my basic is being only concerned about God, Myself, and ofcourse my business. It is different for each and everyone of us, your basic might include your children and plenty more and that’s more than ok. 

Hi Beautiful,

I know what you are thinking, and no we are not here to talk about the TV show “Living Single”, but we are actually talking about living in singless. By singleness, I mean that true singless, like we are not talking to anyone, we are not dating around, and definitely not in a relationship type singleness. This is currently the stage that I am in and I couldn’t be more happier. This is the first time since the time I can remember that I have actually taken time after a heartbreak and several traumatic life events to heal myself with myself. God and I have some serious work to do, and honestly at this point I am not even interested to be casual with my life calling.