Let it go GRL!

Be aware of who you are now and who you want to become. It is very easy for us to slip into a toxic place due to the things around us and what we have been through! Your past is not allowed in our book to define your future. Control your present & future, don't let your past control it for you!

Hello #SavishGRL,

If you read the title of this weeks blog sis and had to think about whether or not this was you then Houston we have a major problem. But don’t think you are alone because this was me too. Becoming toxic is something that sometimes we won’t admit, but if you are aware it is something we can change. We always want to blame the people surrounding us, but we control that energy and our space. We are going to call that space our little bubble. That bubble carries our energy and the people we decide to let enter our lives. There are more things that affect that little bubble though, things like relationships, habits, and even the things we feed our mind.

I’m here to tell you to LET HIM GO, LET HER GO, AND TO LET IT GO! We get so mixed up sometimes in the things that we have gotten used to that we don’t understand how negatively they have affected the good things in our life. We can not get so caught up in everything else that we never have time to check ourselves, and realize that it is hurting us more to hold on than to just let go. This is not verbatim but diddy made a very good point on his twitter earlier this week and it went a little something like, “The cost of loosing your own peace for someone else’s is too expensive”. That one sentence should change your life if you are looking for change.  Now, it is okay to be everything somebody needs and wants but sister girl you will not do it at the cost of losing yourself in the process. We do not break our non-negotiables, we do not tolerate disrespect, and we always always save some for ourselves.

Nobody likes to admit that they are toxic but here are a few rules of thumbs and its okay if you match some of these things because now that means you are aware. When you are aware you can adjust, and that is all that matters in our books.

You never take responsibility for your actions. You play victim in every situation. You try to control every situation. You are uncontrollably judgementalYour friends are starting to distance themselves and you don’t know why. You are always complaining.

Personally, it took a while to come to terms that the things in my life were causing me to be someone I didn’t like. I didn’t even like to look at myself in the mirror at one point because I had allowed variables around me to turn me into someone I didn’t like. There was a decision to be made and even though I got comfortable in certain situations, I knew there was more and better for me If I could just let go and get back to myself.

So #SavishBabii I challenge you to change at least one of those variables in your life whether its a person or a thing and see the slight or even major adjustment that shifts for the better. Do not continue to blame others, you are the captain of your life. Make it happen and get back to you.

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