Fear: Past & Present! What are you afraid of?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Fear is common but certain fear is not healthy for your soul! Protect your energy and if your fear is causing you to sink and not rise then walk away. Do you agree? Tune in to our blog and let us know what you think!

Wow #SavishGRL,

I am so sorry for the delay but as a new brand we are trying new things, doing new things, and are busy becoming better! FYI we actually have a photoshoot on the way and a couple of other exciting things to keep a lookout for (Like a guest blogger *cough cough*).

But annyywaaayyyy, FEAR! Fear has such a negative vibe to it but sometimes its good to feel the pressure of fear. Over the last year, I have evolved and transitioned into a new season, and with that the feeling of fear for me has changed! I am going to briefly explain the way my fears have changed. If you can relate comment below!