Fear: Past & Present! What are you afraid of?

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Fear is common but certain fear is not healthy for your soul! Protect your energy and if your fear is causing you to sink and not rise then walk away. Do you agree? Tune in to our blog and let us know what you think!

Wow #SavishGRL,

I am so sorry for the delay but as a new brand we are trying new things, doing new things, and are busy becoming better! FYI we actually have a photoshoot on the way and a couple of other exciting things to keep a lookout for (Like a guest blogger *cough cough*).

But annyywaaayyyy, FEAR! Fear has such a negative vibe to it but sometimes its good to feel the pressure of fear. Over the last year, I have evolved and transitioned into a new season, and with that the feeling of fear for me has changed! I am going to briefly explain the way my fears have changed. If you can relate comment below!

Past Fear: Not even 2 years ago, the thing that I feared the most was leaving my boyfriend of 2 years. Why? Well for one he would threaten to kill me if I left, which wasn't even the scariest part of it all. What I was scared of was being in a world without him. He always told me that I wouldn't be *sh!t without him, and I truly believed him. I feared not having the right answers because he wouldn't be controlling my every move anymore. I feared not having someone, even though he would beat and abuse me he was still there all the time giving me some type of attention. I feared not having him! I let that go and moved back home, which also frightening but I got over and made a life changing transition.

Present Fear: My fear now is the fear of the unknown with my business and life, which to me is just so beautiful. My fear knowing that I am destined for greatness, but not knowing the day that God is going to change my life and my loved ones forever. See this is the type of fear I enjoy, because when you can't see your future in front of you that is what a Godly journey feels like. This type of fear is much more appreciated and gives you that push you need to keep going after everything that you are called to be. 

Whatever your fear is #savishbabii

I challenge you to not let it define you, and if it does walk away NOW. Fear is normal and definitely okay sometimes, but do not let it consume your every move and thought. Like with my own personal fear with my past relationship. That type of fear had me sick mentally and physically. That fear did not motivate me to be better nor did it set me up for something that was bigger than life itself. Once I decided to be the best me possible, my fear felt different and is different. This type of fear pushes me to live my best life and to get better everyday. Check what type of fear you have in your life and make sure it is benefiting you. 

To any of the #SavishGRL going through any type fear right now I challenge you to pray through it. Romans 8:28 is a good scripture to sit on, because even though you are in a state of fear remember that in all things it is working for the good. The exact scripture is, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose". So just know that you might be scared now and it all seems so confusing, but no matter what it is making you better than you could have ever imagined for yourself. Whatever breaks you down, will be the same exact thing that will build you up for your good! Stay focused, be willing to elevate, and believe you are better!

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