You Are In Control!

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Everyday you wake up you control everything about your day, and the great thing about that is that everyday is a new day for you to be the best you can be. Period! Don’t let what others say, do, or think about you control how beautiful and strong you feel. 

-Can you relate to feeling little or feeling like someone else controlled you in a moment? READ THIS BLOG NOW <3

Hello Beautiful, 

Has anyone ever made you feel little? Or even a situation? Well yeah, I honestly have felt the most little every time someone take advantage of me. Men is where the enemy likes to get to me especially when I’m in a vulnerable position, and I always fail the test. Men do a very good job of appeasing the woman with their words. They talk a good game, make you feel comfortable where your mind is uneased, and get you where they want you when they need you. See this is how I have always end up feeling little, but mostly because ultimately I knew better but I let someone else control my feeling, thought, and even actions.