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Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Today, we are allowing the perfectionists in all of us to be stripped of its humanity. Today we begin to dig deep and genuinely discuss what it means to be Perfectly Imperfect.

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Hello Flaws

What a privilege it is to know Alexis aka Lady savish and to have been able to collaborate with her on a blog. Alexis is someone I can honestly say that I am inspired by and am a fan of her blog. She is not only incredibly creative, but she is also a young lady who is about her business. She is constantly growing and evolving her brand and reinventing herself along the way. My name is Tieranni, but you guys can call me Tieri. Recently, I began a blog in order to face a fear of mine. This fear is a fear of rejection and what better way to face your fear of rejection than to place your deepest thoughts on the internet right? A little extreme, I know, but this year I am living by the phrase “carefree” and expressing my thoughts like the pages of a diary have helped me to do so. I only speak from experiences and empower others through inspiration and the word of God. I am a big advocate for the truth. By that I mean, your side of the story, your view on life, your words coming to life. In doing this, I have entitled my blog “Truthfully Tieri”. Be sure to check it out at via wordpress. Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get right to it.

Today, we are allowing the perfectionists in all of us to be stripped of its humanity. Today we begin to dig deep and genuinely discuss what it means to be Perfectly Imperfect. In a world full of instagram models and photoshopped perfection it is so easy for us to feel as though our flaws don’t belong in pictures or elsewhere. India Arie once said in one of my all-time favorite songs “I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within.” As women from a young age, many of us are taught the importance of beauty. Contrary to popular belief, we are taught that beauty in fact comes in many shapes and sizes. What we are not taught, is that every shape and size won’t be accepted.

Growing up I was always picked on for being small and not having much of a figure. To this day, I still go into the gym and tell all of my friends that I am on a mission to “get thick”. Before we even begin, I want to clear something up-just because I have a petite figure, that does not mean that I don’t desire to improve it. That also doesn’t mean that just because you and several other people might not see it, that there are not areas of my body that I wish to improve. I certainly don’t always feel comfortable in a two piece bikini. I distinctly remember going shopping with groups of people and having mini-meltdowns because the smallest sizes the store had for me, just wouldn’t fit.

My parents always stressed the fact that in our family we possess natural beauty. Make-up had never really been a place of interest until I came along ;) My mother always jokes about the fact that she wanted a daughter that was built tough with a little bit of tomboy in her, but she also wanted one that was just as prissy as they come. I like to think God blessed her with both. From the nail salon to the makeup counter I have always been a bit obsessed with my vanity. It is a means of self-expression. I love the idea that we as women can practically wear our emotions on our faces with a pop of color or none at all. I think of makeup as something that enhances our beauty. I can compare it to jewelry or flashy clothes-not a necessity, but an accessory to what is already there. Although I prefer to wear makeup, that definitely does not mean that I am uncomfortable with what is on the outside. There goes another misconception debunked for you. All women that wear makeup are not insecure. All women that choose not to wear makeup are not extremely confident. I love the birthmark and freckles that I have on my face just as much as I love the blinding highlight and cat eye so sharp that it’ll cut you if you get too close.

The best advice that I was given about my flaws is the phrase “I love me some me”. Living with your flaws begins with acceptance.  It is completely fine to make improvements to ourselves, but keep in mind that those improvements only go as far as the adjustments that you decide to make within. Know that those characteristics that we view as “flaws” are the very things that God gave us to to use as examples for others. 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 talks about how our bodies are a temple. I have heard that scripture my entire life. It wasn’t until a few years back that I discovered the importance of it. When I started looking into the word “temple” I thought of how beautifully these pieces of architecture were made. How temples could take years to make simply because they were places of worship and a God like mine can’t just be welcomed into any kind of place. Similarly to when God comes into our hearts, He makes a special seat within in (think v.i.p. Or red carpet) to be present. As I embraced this scripture, so I embraced my body and the God that created it.

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