AH-HA: It's not about what you "think" you can do its about what you HAVE to do to make it happen.

"It's not about the can it's about the what". Fix your mindset and set boundaries to live the best life you want and the life you can have. Mind over matter, stop the negative though/habits. Yes, easier said than done but trust me since we are doing it together and forever. (One of my very first blogs)

Hi #SavihGRL,

I think it is important for Savish to officially start here with our blog because it is very important to the Savish lifestyle and about being the Queen that you are. As a Queen it's never about what you CAN do, but it's about what we WANT/HAVE to do. The major points we have to take from this statement is to..

1) NEVER let anyone bring you down to their status by questioning what your capabilities in potential. If it is something that goes against your "oh so sophisticated" way of life you don't have to adjust. Know when to say yes, know when to compromise and WHEN TO SAY NO NO NO NO NO.

2) Know your life and know that your fairy tale ending can become a reality if you #BossUp and put your mind to it. Understand that can't is not in the Savish dictionary. Girl, get up, get right, and get what's waiting on you. You will only go as far as your grind!

3) Last but not least, as a #SavishBabii its not "What we can do, it is about what we wanna do". "We "can" live healthier, we "can" work at accepting our flaws and breaking those insecurities, and we "can" come together as a community to help one another. "Can" is sooo iffy, almost like saying maybe. But when you WANT to do something bad enough it will happen. The Savish community wants to come together to get better and WE HAVE TO. #PERIOD

These are just some of the minor points of Savish that pretty much describes our purpose. No matter your size, shape, or color you have the opportunity and at this point if you are on this page sis you are #Savish. We don't give you a choice sis, YOU ARE PART OF THIS SAVISH COMMUNITY and YOUR VOICE and  SELF LOVE MATTERS HERE - ABOVE and OVER EVERYTHING! 

This is the very beginning to what's in store and we are very excited to have you along this journey with other SAVISH sisters. We want you to know that our doors are open, whether you need advice or just want to share what you think.  

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