Adjust The Next Crown Too

This blog post is the truth about coming up and how women are more bound to compete then to collaborate! Take a look at real life read receipts and the difference between a hater and a motivator. #SavishSZN

Hello #Savishbabe,

This topic is a topic that makes me cringe for us women all over the world. When I first started my business it was so hard to get on a platform or gain any knowledge on anything to further my passion. Why? Because every woman in business that I came in contact with was trying to compete when we needed to collaborate to bring something bigger and better to the table. I'm going to actually provide a real life conversation below because I keep all read receipts , and I think it is important to see the difference between a hater and a motivator. To the left is me asking advice from someone that has been in the game, and to the right is someone asking me to be their mentor in the game after I gained the experience. 

I had a conversation with a young lady and she was thought I was the one that needed models, but I was a model for this photoshoot myself. When I told her that she excused the mishap but I wanted more. I was starting out getting comfortab