Adjust The Next Crown Too

This blog post is the truth about coming up and how women are more bound to compete then to collaborate! Take a look at real life read receipts and the difference between a hater and a motivator. #SavishSZN

Hello #Savishbabe,

This topic is a topic that makes me cringe for us women all over the world. When I first started my business it was so hard to get on a platform or gain any knowledge on anything to further my passion. Why? Because every woman in business that I came in contact with was trying to compete when we needed to collaborate to bring something bigger and better to the table. I'm going to actually provide a real life conversation below because I keep all read receipts , and I think it is important to see the difference between a hater and a motivator. To the left is me asking advice from someone that has been in the game, and to the right is someone asking me to be their mentor in the game after I gained the experience. 

I had a conversation with a young lady and she was thought I was the one that needed models, but I was a model for this photoshoot myself. When I told her that she excused the mishap but I wanted more. I was starting out getting comfortable with the camera, and it looked like she was well established I the community. I went to ask her advice and it seemed like it was going to kill her to give me some substantial advice or even motivation to continue. It did discourage me, but it also encouraged me to go harder and get my success out the mud so I could learn and be the mentor I never had. 

Entrepreneurship is at an all time high, and it does become competitive out here, but that is where you have to truly know yourself as an individual. There is room for every single person because there is a different story, passion, and gift that comes with each individual. No two individuals are the same, and there is room for you to enter and remain in your purpose without feeling threatened. My favorite example is the bread isle. If you walk down the bread Isle and count the different brands, why can't yours make it? Why can't we all win? EXACTLY! So, get your panties out your butt, fix your face, and help the next up and coming. Somebody did their due diligence to help you and there is good karma in the world. What you put out in atmosphere comes back to you. #Period

Whenever I feel discouraged or feel like my career is over populated I look at the world population tracker and breathe. There are too many people in the world to like one person and people like different things. Whatever you do attracts a completely different crowd in the same field. ITS OKAY! Adjust the next woman's crown, and continue to walk forward in your purpose sis.  

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